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We are leading manufacturer of Milking machines.

We are leading manufacturer of Milking machines and dairy farms equipments in India. We Milkwell Milking Systems manufacturing various models of Bucket milking machines, milking parlor, pipeline milking systems, Vacuum Pumps, Pulsator , Milk Claw, animal comfort and animal care equipments.

Milkwell is a recognized leader in the field of milking machines known for quality and performance of its products and services, Milkwell aims to producing international standard and customer’s specific milking equipments for various size of dairy farms as commercial & domestic uses.

Satisfying Our Customers

We have been satisfying our customers for last 18 years and they bear testimony to our Standards, quality and services. We have an exhaustive list of 200000 customers including private Dairy farmers, associations and Govt. organizations who have found our products Quality, profitable and economical.

Certified And Registered

We are ISO 9001-2015 certified and registered MSME unit in India.
We have fully integrated manufacturing facilities to meet the requirement for producing milking machine & milking parlors as per dairy farmer’s specifications and futuristic need.

Manufacturing Unit

Our manufacturing unit is equipped with the state of the Art machines which produce milking machine and milking parlors and our testing facility is geared to qualify all our products to international standard, Milkwell is ready to meet ever increasing need of all milking systems and fully geared to all futuristic demands.


We are located in small town surrounded by dairy farms and India’s biggest dairy research institute NDRI, National Dairy research institute is very close to us, we are 125 k.m from capital of India Delhi and 150 k.m. from New Delhi Airport.


We are very much hounered to received prestigious technology and appreciation awards from various state Governments and Private organizations.

ISO Certificate

Certified with ISO 9001:2015


We Thanks to have technical knowhow from Mr. Chaman Lal Panchal who has more than 40 years of experience in dairy machineries and milking machines, as he served as a technical officer to National Dairy research institute, karnal, India. His expertise is in milking systems and all kind of mechanical engineering.

Mr. Chaman Lal Panchal

Er. Chaman Lal Panchal
Mechanical and Dairy Engineering Expert
Ex. Technical Officer
National Dairy Research Institute, India

Er. Ajay Panchal

Er. Ajay Panchal
Computer Engineering
Sales and Customer Relationship

Er. Sunil Panchal

Er. Sunil Panchal
Mechanical Engineering
Manufacturing and Development

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