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Basic Barn Milking Parlor

Basic Barn Milking Parlor

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Product Description

Basic Line (Barn Type Milking Parlor) parlor is an essential need of every medium and small dairy farm. Milking and milk handling is one challenging task encountered by dairy owners every day. The day you adopt this initial milking solution it takes all your pain away. The system works effectively and reduces labor efforts and improves hygiene. The end result is clean milk production.

Barn type milking parlor is customizable according to dairy farm size and no’s of cow or buffaloes to be milked. Dairy owners need not to build separate milking sheds for barn type milking parlors. System can be installed in existing milking sheds. It does not create any hindrance to regular activity of animals and cowboys.
Milk line, vacuum line and washing line are hanged in barn in an organized way and milk receiver, vacuum pump are placed separately in a room to transfer milk for further processing and delivery.