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Herringbone Automatic Milking Parlor

Herringbone Automatic Milking Parlor

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Milkwell Milking parlor is offered in variety of specification and sizes. Initial milking solutions sometimes gets outdated and a dairy owner looks for more effective solution to reduce losses and improves profits. This can only happen when all the information like data related to your dairy starting from animals identification & related data like nutrition provided vs required, feed and fodder intake, lactation time, lactation period, heat identification & inseminations, milking and milk production under lactation, disease identification and sorting, and many more. To achieve these all information farmer has to adopt technology for doing this work on his behalf. Automatic parlors are perfect solution for all these needs. Automatic milking parlors perform all these functions starting from animal sorting for milking and non milking animals, healthy and unhealthy systems bring in the best animal in milking parlors. Animal are arranged in herringbone frames and identified with electronic tagging. Milking of each animal is recorded & information related to cow is identified and transferred to herd management solution. A herd management solution is one where farmer interact with all the desired information and analyze all this information for further course of action. This automatic milking solution reduces human efforts or dairy owner’s efforts but at the same time it also reduces the mental efforts of dairy owners to manage their dairy farms. Our ultimate goal is profit in the dairy farm. This advanced technology improves and increase the dairy functioning and profit to multifold.

Milkwell herringbone automatic milking parlor available in many size as per the customer and farm requirements.