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Double Bucket Fixed Type Model MW2Super

Double Bucket Fixed Type Model MW2Super


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Product Description

Stationary Fixed Vacuum Line Milking Machine
Model – MW2

Descriptions :- Milkwell Fixed type Milking Machine Model MW2 is well suitable milking equipment for a dairy farm of 01 to 30 milking animals

This machine is expandable up to 03 milking at a time if farmers wanted to increase heard size in future they can add 01 more bucket milking cluster on this machine


Motor Power 1 hp
Rotation (rpm) 1440 rpm
voltage (V) 220V
Pump Type Oil re-circulatory oil chamber
Flow (L/min) 240 L/min @ 50kpa
exhaust Oil circulatory silencer


Teat shell

Stainless steel

Milk Can Stainless Steel 304
Bucket Capacity (L) 2 x 25 Liter
Liner Type Rubber
Claw Weight (gr) 2250 g
Claw Milk Capacity 2 x 240cc
Milk Hose (mm) 2 x 1500mm (25 x 16mm)
Pulse Hose (mm) 2 x 1500mm (14 x 7mm)
Vacuum Hose (mm) 2 x 3000mm (24 x 14mm)


Machine structure Mild Steel
Paint type Powder Coated
Paint Blue , Red, Green (glossy)
Vacuum regulator Fitted in vacuum bottle tank
Vacuum Gauge Fitted in vacuum bottle tank
Structure type Square with vacuum balance tank


Cleaning Brushes 2 Cleaning brushes (1x Long milk tube brush , 1x Liner cleaning Brush)
Extra Working Manual and Warranty Card